Odd Duck Ink

Christie M. Kraus
Sun Prairie, WI

Christie M. Kraus

I love discovering new things that interest me and then figuring out how to leave my mark. The first 30 years of my professional life were spent designing 100’s of homes for our family construction business, and all the while, I never took a class. My knowledge evolves as my needs change, and I learn as I go along. The same holds true for my fabric art. I came upon color wash quilting when I was in my 50’s and that was the springboard for my love of working with fabrics. Color wash is arranging small pieces of material, so the color values create an image. Soon I branched out using other techniques to express my emotions or to tell stories.

Over the years I’ve done pottery, jewelry and screen printing, but fabric art seems to speak to me. Many of my pieces took years to complete. Time spent in my studio is precious to me. I put on my music and enter the zone. In this golden time, magic seems to happen with little input from me. As my skills improved, I’ve been better able to reveal myself. Birds, in all their glory, fascinate me.

I’m also intrigued by ancient times and primeval forces. I enjoy coloring outside of the lines and making up my own rules. Hopefully my sense of humor and whimsy will be conveyed. I’ve spent over 20 years as a fabric artist without sharing but since my husband’s retirement, he has taken on the monumental task of making my work available to others. I’m very grateful for all the guidance and support I’ve received along the way.